Rockford Annual Events

Fun year-round in Rockford, Illinois.
Get Ready To Rock And Roll in Rockford

You may not know that Rockford, IL, events are so cool and have such large attendance, but let us fill you in. There are many annual events that happen in Rockford, and they all have something to offer anyone who goes. There are events to attend all year round, in fact, and you have to make sure and check out what they have to offer if you’re looking to take a family trip, or even if you’re just in the area.

One of the biggest and best-known events is the On the Waterfront. This grand music festival has more things to do than you could probably even get to. It’s a four-day event, this year in September. There is more than one stage of music to listen to. The festival scored its first really big act this year with the rock band Hinder. There is a children’s stage with music and plays just for kids.

If you are there for more than music, and many people are, there is a wealth of other fun things to participate in. There will be two carnivals for kids and families to play on, and the well-loved (and heated rivalry) wheelchair basketball game will be going on. If you are a water sports fan, check out what the four-footers can do by watching Dock Dogs. Ever seen a dog get so excited about someone throwing a toy, on purpose or accidentally, into the water that he bolted out to get it? Well, that’s what these dogs live for. Super high jumps and water play hilarity (no dogs are harmed in training or the sport, you’ll love it).

On the Waterfront, in Rockford, is a well-loved event, but it’s not the only one. Check out the Head of the Rock Regatta. Rowers of every size, age and gender jump on board to compete in the water to slice oars in front of the crowd. They are all there to play, but also to win, and it’s a fabulous contest you must see.

If cars are your thing, you can swing by the Classics and Chrome show at the Indoor Sports Center. This two-day event will delight everyone in your family with its display of sports cars, muscle cars, hot rods, and custom cars. There will be more than 120 cars that span over 100 years. You can even gaze at custom motorcycles and specialty cars. There will be food and contests to win as well.

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