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Check out some of the art of Rockford, Illinois.
Experience the Finer Things in Rockford

When staying in or visiting Rockford, people may not realize what wonderful attractions are available. This mid-sized city in Northern Illinois may just seem like a great place to go as a family, which is true, but there are galleries, museums, and restaurants in the area that will satisfy anyone looking for a nice night out and a chance to dress up. Rockford is less than two hours away from Chicago as well, if you want to check out the attractions there but would rather stay someplace smaller.

One wonderful attraction in the city is the Rockford Art Museum (RAM). This museum started as the Rockford Sketch Club in 1888 and is now a Partner in Excellence of the Illinois Arts Council. RAM offers three galleries with 17,000 feet of exhibition space inside and has rotating exhibitions. The museum has a collection of exhibits that are on permanent exhibit. These include modern and contemporary art, photography, and contemporary glass art. They have showings that vary through out the year, one being a showcase for new artists.

In addition to wonderful exhibits, RAM offers something for everyone. There are family activities – including children – that are set up to help build appreciation for art. Teens and adults can also participate in classes, tours, and check out materials from a library. The museum offers many different lectures, an art fair during the summer, and even sponsors wine tastings.

The Coronado Performing Arts Center is called Rockford’s “Crown Jewel” and has been operating in the area since 1927. It’s a great place to go on a date or with family. It was rebuilt to its original style in 2001 and now, a huge movie palace scene, offers Spanish castles, starlit skies, Oriental dragons, and a Grande Barton pipe organ. The Coronado theatre in Rockford, IL, offers a concert series, the Rockford Symphony, the Rockford Dance Company, even a Broadway series for the area.

In addition, other Rockford art galleries are also options. The area provides a slew of other places to check out an art exhibition, such as New Dimensions Gallery at WomanSpace, which offers lessons and exhibits, or even Totally Arts, which is a combined effort between the Rockford Area Arts Council and the Rockford Park District that involves kids in performing and visual arts over the summer. Artspace showcases local area artists, and 317 Market Street provides a large gallery and four exhibits a year.

No matter what your fancy in the art and culture world, you’ll find many options right there in the city of Rockford.

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