Rockford Attractions and Entertainment

Live it up in Rockford, Illinois.
If Youre Looking For An Exciting Trip, Look To Rockford

Rockford is a mid-sized city in northern Illinois less two hours away from Chicago or Aurora. There are ample opportunities for a good time in this city, whether you are there with family, friends or if you live in the area and haven’t explored all its wonders. It all just depends on what you like to do. There are beautiful areas in nature with outdoor activities, and many places to explore that offer good food or art. The area offers many different festivals for all people to enjoy in the warmer months.

Most of Rockford, IL, attractions provide for family entertainment, but you can find something to do no matter who you are with. The city itself boasts lush and tranquil gardens to meander through. You can stroll by pools and streams while admiring exotic flowers and plants. Also nearby, is Rock Cut State Park where you can camp, fish, boat and luxuriate on the beach by one of two lakes. The park has horseback riding and many trails for hiking.

While the city is a very pretty place to be, not all of Rockford, IL, entertainment is outdoors. You have the option of visiting the Coronado Performing Arts Center and seeing a Broadway show, watching the ballet, see the Rockford Orchestra or see a concert. You can also go to one of the many galleries in the area, such as the Rockford Museum of Art, and see contemporary art, photography, or the world of local artists. There are many galleries that often tours of their facilities, including exhibitions, collections and even artist lofts. Classes for kids, teens, families and individuals are offered to inspire your artistic side.

If you’re looking for something really fun and different, you can head to On The Waterfront, in Rockford, IL, which happens every year. You can choose from several stages and headlining acts for music concerts. There will a huge number of activities to choose from including a hot air balloons, kids’ games, water activities, even a wheelchair basketball game with a heated rivalry. If you’re feeling fit, you can even partake in a 5K marathon. On the other hand, you could indulge in the fabulous food served up by many vendors, and spend some money shopping at the different booths. There will be art, jewelry, photos, and a few beer tents. Competition abounds in other areas such as the hole in one shoot-out, and two full carnivals will be set up sporting rides and even more games.


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