Rockford Emergency Information

Emergency services in Rockford, Illinois.
The City of Rockford Makes Sure Residents Are Covered In Emergencies

Residents in the city of Rockford are fortunate to have such a well organized emergency system. In addition to emergency services, like fire and police, there are a number of hospitals in the area. There are three large hospitals in the area: Rockford Memorial Hospital, Swedish American Hospital and OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center. Rockford, IL, hospitals are able to handle most emergencies, but Rockford Memorial also provides a Level 1 trauma center, something not all cities have. This hospital also provides a Life Flight helicopter called a Regional Emergency Acute Care Transport (REACT). Additionally, it is a Level III neonatal intensive care unit, and officers a brain and spine center, the heart center, and even a children’s medical center.

The Rockford Fire Department has nearly 300 uniformed and other personnel, more than 50 of them work directly with the 911 Telecommunications Center. These are the people that assess your situation and get services on the way to you. The department is trained and equipped to provide assistance in any firefighting, of course, but they also provide emergency medical services, like ambulances. The fire department provides multiple engine companies and ladder companies. There are five Rockford ambulances that are stationed at firehouses for those who need them. If you have any type of emergency and require fire, police, or an ambulance, the folks at the center will handle your 911 call by getting what you need to you right away.

Additionally, the fire department is what is called the “Emergency Service Disaster Agency” for the city of Rockford. This mean that in any major disaster in the city, this department works with the county emergency services to make sure all precautions are taken and optimal resources are utilized.

When you call the telecommunications department with a 911 emergency, you can request the Rockford Police come to your aid. The police department puts information online about search warrants, incidents and investigations, as well as any new technology they are using. Currently, the police utilize reverse 911 technology to contact residents in case of a fire or other emergency. The best emergency number you can call is, of course, 911. However, you can reach the police department in a non-emergency (or non-life threatening emergency) at (815) 966-2900. The City of Rockford maintains a website that has information on all agencies, Homeland Security Information, or any kind of alert that may apply to the residents of Rockford. This website is

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