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Several easy ways to navigate Rockford, Illinois.
Transportation Options within Rockford

The city of Rockford offers a number of different transportation choices, as you would expect from a mid-sized city. However, you will find some options that are traditionally only offered within a large city, which is, after all, part Rockford’s charm. Nevertheless, no matter whether you are visiting or staying for a longer duration, Rockford transportation choices are there to get you around town.

Rockford Public Transportation

The Rockford Mass Transit District is the overseer and orchestrator of bus service in Rockford, Illinois. The bus service in the city offers several different routes, including the Big Loop North and Big Loop South. Other lines include West State, School Street, Huffman, North Main, Clifton, Kilburn, South Main, East State Street, Charles Street, Rural Street, 7th Street, Kishwaukee, Alpine Crosstown, North 2nd Street and numerous others, as well.

Getting around town with Rockford public transportation can be quite simple. The system allows you to pay for your fare with cash, or with a pre-purchased ticket, which you can buy from the RMTD Transfer Center, or at the administrative offices.

Rockford, IL, Taxi Services

Riding the bus can be an excellent way to get around town affordably. However, if you prefer something a bit more private, then you can choose to use a number of different taxi companies in the city. For instance, you will find Action Taxi Services, Spee-Dee Taxi Cab Services, Reliable Cab, Aero Taxi and other options.

Getting around town via a cab might cost a bit more than taking the bus, but it is certainly a good deal more private and often more comfortable than sharing a bus. In addition, when taking a cab, you do not have to worry about keeping the right schedule.

Rockford, Illinois Car Rentals

If you want the ultimate in privacy and will be in town long enough to make it worthwhile, you can choose from a number of car rental companies in the city. Avis, Hertz, Budget Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Value Plus Car Rental are all located within the city. Some car rental options can even be found right at the airport for those visitors who will be flying into town for their visit.

Obviously, any number of options can be used to get around the city during your stay. Each has its own pros and cons, but they can all provide valuable service and help you enjoy your stay to the utmost.

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