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Enjoy some culture in Rockford, Illinois.
Rockford Is A Great Place To Learn A Little History

Many people don’t think of Rockford as a cultural mecca, yet they would be wrong. The city that claims to have a lot of big city charm, for half the big city hassle (and half the big city money!), has a cornucopia of activities, events and places to go with loads of history. If you want to get a great idea of history in the region, and have a lot of fun, you want to make a tour of Rockford, Illinois, museums.

A big museum in the area, with a great name, is the Burpee Museum of Natural History. This museum has an award-winning exhibit called “Jane: Diary of a Dinosaur.” This exhibit features an exploration of the history of a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton found in Montana. Jane’s 21-foot skeleton has been restored and is now on display. The Burpee Museum, Rockford, IL, has tons of fun things for kids to do all year round. There is an Easter egg hunt, drawing lessons, and even a Critter Club where kids can learn about live animals like a salamander and even a tarantula!

The Discovery Center Museum is a spectacular place to spend your time in the city. For interactive play, for kids and adults, you really can’t beat it. While at the Discovery Center, you can investigate and explore more than 250 interactive exhibits! One exhibit explains and demonstrates the science behind flight. Check out the flight simulator where you can experience the cockpit, or learn about the effects of air and turbulence by poking around with air tubes. The whole family can sit down and learn about the night sky in the Discovery Center Planetarium.

That is only a small bit of the fun and learning to be had at the Discovery Center Museum, Rockford, IL. You can hop into the Robotics Lab and design robot or space station. You can be electrified by the Power House, which demonstrates how static energy works. There is even a Tot Spot with rotating features for kids under five including role playing and some water play (open only certain times of the year).

For something totally different, try the Midway Village Museum. This is a place that lets you go back in time and see what life was like in the Victorian era. There are 16 buildings here that show life between 1890 to 1910. You can shop and learn all day. Costumes are encouraged!

This little city offers a big bite of historical fun.

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