Rockford Schools

Good schools in Rockford, Illinois.
A Good Education Can Be Found In Rockford

Rockford takes special pride in improving schools for children and adults. The school district has struggled a little with the changing times, as most schools in the country have. However, if you have a child in the Rockford, IL, schools, the word you are hoping to hear is “transparency.” There are multiple websites online that rank schools, both private and public, for all grade levels. These websites break the schools down into several areas. Some of those areas include: test scores, class size, teachers/reviews, and even demographic information. Illinois gives its kids the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) to measure proficiency and student achievement. These tests begin in third grade and are given annually through graduation.

Rockford schools are the third largest district in Illinois, and have both public and private schools through out the area. An interested parent can order reports based on ranking and ISAT scores online. Public schools are focused on improvement in a big way right now, whether it be student achievement or general health of students. Recently, the schools began working with soft drink manufacturers to put healthier drinks in the schools. The district feels that this is an important step to healthier kids, even though it will lose money from the sugary drinks.

Rockford colleges offer a great deal to a grad right out of high school, or those going on to seek higher education. Rockford College (a private university) and Rock Valley College (a community college) serve the area, as does Rockford Business College. Additionally, the University Of Illinois School Of Medicine has a campus in Rockford.

Rockford College was once called the Rockford Female Seminary that had been operating there became a chartered college in 1847 and then became Rockford College in 1892. It was not co-ed until 1958, and its best-known graduate, Jane Addams (class of 1881) went on to become the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

The city boasts very state of the art facilities when it comes to education and training. One of the employment growth markets in the city is for adult education. This includes GED, career training, or other adult education. There are a number of art galleries, museums and performing art centers in the city that offer wonderful summer programs for kids and adults of all ages. Whether your children are looking to attend college in the area, you are looking into going back to school, or you or your family want to take some classes just for fun, there are a multitude of options available in Rockford.

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