Escorted Tours: A Hassle-Free Vacation

If planning and timing is not your forte, an escorted tour may be your ticket to a perfect, hassle-free vacation.

Experienced tour companies such as Trafalgar and Globus provide vacation itineraries across the globe to incredible destinations such as, Egypt, Asia, Europe and more. A typical tour does all the planning for you - selecting the finest hotels, booking your airfare, bypassing long museum lines with VIP access, and providing you with knowledgeable tour guides. And you don't have to worry about not having any free time, escorted tours allow for free time that you can choose how you would like to spend it. If you have ever found yourself frustrated with poor experiences at restaurants, hotels or if you didn't know where the best local spots were, a tour vacation takes care of all the research for you. They not only make sure you experience the best kept secrets and local restaurants, but they go out of their way to show you more than the usual tourist experience.

A typical tour usually has 25-50 guests and averages 12-15 days. Depending on the destination, transportation is typically comprised of your flight, motor coaches and trains. Most tours are all-inclusive with fabulous meals, sightseeing, hotels, and much more.

If you are worried about the cost of an escorted tour, don't be. Tour companies offer vacations that meet every budget from economical to first class. Book Now - there is a tour for every wallet!