American Sign Language Classes - Fall Session 2

Learn American Sign Language from an expert at the Center for Sight & Hearing! This fall session offers level 1 and 2 classes over an 8-week time period every Monday from October 9 to November 27. Level 3 classes will meet over an 8-week time period every Thursday from October 12 to December 7 (no class on Thanksgiving Day).

There are several options to choose from, please see the ticket details for more information on when classes meet.

A brief description of each course:

Level 1 classes will introduce you to learning the alphabet, fingerspelling, and basic sign vocabulary which includes colors, family signs, foods, and weather. 

Level 2 classes focus on additional sign vocabulary and introduces you to various sign language systems and communication methods. 

Level 3 class sessions are available, but at the recommendation of the instructor. These classes focus on words that are the same, but used differently in conversation.

An optional supplemental learning book will be available to purchase on the first day of class.

Any classes taken at the Center for Sight & Hearing are non-credit and do not replace the license needed to become an interpreter. These are conversational classes only. Any person under the age of 17 taking this course must have permission from their parent/guardian, as well as the class instructor.

If you have any questions or inquiries about these classes, please call the Center for Sight & Hearing at 815.332.6800.