Hope Over Addiction - 10 Week Grief Group

Understanding Your Grief-The Ten Essential Touchstones

Learn to feel hope again and walk with others on this journey.

Group led by Pastor Dan Herman

*Anyone who has lost a loved one is welcome to attend but this group is primarialy for those who lost a loved one to addiction or suicide.

1. Open to the presence of your loss.
2. Dispel misconceptions about grief.
3. Embrace the uniqueness of your grief.
4. Explore what you might experience.
5. Recognize you are not crazy.
6. Understand the six needs of mourning.
7. Nurture yourself.
8. Reach out for help.
9. Seek reconciliation, not resolution....
10. Appreciate your transformation.

Think of your grief as a wilderness—a vast, inhospitable forest. You must journey through this wilderness. To find your way out, you must become acquainted with its terrain and learn to follow the sometimes hard-to-find trail that leads to healing. In the wilderness of your grief, the touchstones are your trail markers. They are the signs that let you know you are on the right path. When you learn to identify and rely on the touchstones, you will find your way to hope and healing.

Understanding Grief book and companion journal are available to purchase for cost at the event or you may order online at Amazon.

The companion journal now provides space for writing and reflection

Books bought seperately are $15.00 each or together for 27.00. 

There is no charge for this workshop but donations are appreciated but not required.