Meetups with Mike (Dekalb, IL)

One aspect of touring Mike loves is meeting his fans: the people who help him live out his dream. He loves getting to talk to each fan after shows, but is finding it increasingly more difficult to be able to have in-depth conversations or really be able to ask/answer questions. Venues can only stay open so late, it's loud, sometimes you feel rushed, and sleep is also important on this is an idea he had to remedy this situation.

Each evening there will be a VERY limited number of meetup tickets, but the basic idea is to grab a coffee (or whatever your beverage of choice might be) and hang out with Mike. Ask him questions, and he'll probably have a million questions for you. Getting to know fans is important to him, so why not try meeting a few of you each night before the show? 

Time for meetup to be officially determined 48-72hrs before event (sometimes the venue schedules change, so we want to make sure you won't be waiting around or anything if Mike needs to soundcheck).