KP Counseling Will Help Improve Your Life

kp Counseling's mission is to increase your quality of life through the building of relationships and through health, healing and self-mastery of the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual facets of your life.  What they do is provide healing and hope through their own commitment and compassion.

With two locations in Rockford, kp Counseling offers a variety of services to meet you and your family’s therapy and counseling needs.  Their team of experienced therapists can consult with individuals from three years old to the elderly, and the type of therapy they recommend will depend on your specific needs.  Whether you need individual, couple, family or group counseling, kp Counseling will dedicate themselves to helping you.  They are a refuge for the hurt and broken—a place of hope where you can be restored. 

Beginning the process of seeking help through counseling can be overwhelming and can at times be intimidating, but kp Counseling wants to facilitate your healing before you even pick up the phone to make an appointment.

Visit their website at  It is a resource to you. By exploring its pages, information and links you might be able to figure if your problem is “normal” or if you are at risk.   If you have any specific questions or decide that kp Counseling is exactly what you need, call (779) 368-0060.

 … a place of hope for the hurt and broken to be restored


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