Rockford Community

Find Your Place in the Serene Community of Rockford, Illinois

There are not a lot of mid-sized cities that can claim they have as much to offer as a big city without the big city expense and hassle. If that is a place you’d like to call home, then Rockford, Illinois, is the place for you. You’ll find a wonderful atmosphere in this city, with all the activities you would hope to have anywhere.

There is a theater showing opera, the ballet, the Rockford Orchestra, and a great concert series. The city offers a great number of activities for families, like art tours and classes at local museums. The biggest music festival in the state is in this city, and it has a wealth of events and activities for children as well as adults. The Rockford community is truly one of family structure, outdoor activities, with plenty to do all year round.

Rockford weather allows for fun activities all year round, sun or snow. There is the Illinois State Rock Cut Park, with two lakes, which provides a host of outdoor activities. There is ice-skating and cross-country skiing in the winter, with fishing, camping and boating for warmer months.

Winters in Rockford can get pretty chilly with snow and wind, but the city has provided great things to do with that snow. If snow is not your game, you can visit one of hundreds of great restaurants, pubs, galleries and museums instead. Summers are pretty mild, allowing you to make use of the state parks and beautiful gardens. Tourist or resident, you can’t just not take Rockford up on what it has to offer.

Rockford schools are the third largest district in Illinois, and have both public and private schools through out the area. Schools can be rated online based on class size and test scores, and reports on public schools can be ordered online as well. Two colleges in the area of Rockford provide higher education. Rockford College (a private university) and Rock Valley College (a community college) serve the area, as does Rockford Business College. Additionally, the University Of Illinois School Of Medicine has a campus in Rockford.

Employment in the area has changed over the years, but a good portion of jobs are in manufacturing. Other growing areas of Rockford jobs is education and health services. Accommodation and food services is also a growing area due to new changes in building and tourism. Rockford is a great town to build a family in.