5 Reasons You Should Have an Employee of the Month Celebration

An "Employee of the Month" celebration can be a fun way to acknowledge the hard work and successes of your employees. If you are not already trying corporate awards as method to unite and motivate your employees, it's time to consider it.

One: Excitement
Excite your employees and give them something to look forward to. A relaxed little party at the end of the month can be an event that many may look forward to. Also, adding a little celebration to the workplace may help employees feel more positive, appreciated and welcome in their jobs, overall.

Two: Motivation
Motivate employees to try their best and aim for high goals. While you want to avoid encouraging your workforce to be divided by winning, a little friendly competition can help everyone want to put in that little extra effort to help the company. In the end, this helps everyone if the company continues to succeed.

Three: Positive Recognition
Recognize the efforts of employees that contribute greatly to the company. Corporate awards can be a great way to reward employees for their dedication and hard work, and make sure that they realize that they are appreciated for their contributions. A corporate award can mean a lot to an employee in the company, as a little physical reminder of how much they and their work is valued. By inscribing the employee of the month's name on a plaque each month, you can proudly display this recognition publicly in the office. An employee of the month award can also help as an indication of which employees are dedicated to growing in the company.

Four: Focus
A celebration gives everyone a moment to focus on the progress and achievements that have been made. Perhaps one of the greatest reasons of all, an event like an employee of the month party allows time to let go of all of the little issues and delays that may be getting in the way of the work, and simply embrace the positive steps that have been made during the month. Having this time to go over key steps forward can be a great way to keep everyone motivated and appreciative of each other and their accomplishments.

Five: Inspiration
A happy, relaxed event like an employee of the month celebration can be an opportunity for you and your employees to socialize, bond and even brainstorm new ideas for further success. Especially in the positive, motivated atmosphere that can be created by a corporate awards party, new ideas may be sparked. Employees that may never have met otherwise may mingle and be each other’s inspiration. Attitudes towards coworkers and workplace atmosphere may also improve as employees get to know each other more.

Organizing an employee of the month celebration can be a fun, rewarding experience for all. You can choose whether your event will be more casual office fun or formal recognition, but either way, presenting an award, acknowledging your employees and having an enjoyable corporate awards party only helps office morale. You can even experiment -- try a version where the employees themselves vote for an employee of the month or choose an employee each month based on different criteria. Try planning an employee of the month celebration for this month and see how it helps.

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