Add Rare Gold Coins to Your Portfolio

Rare gold coins are showing excellent promise as investment purchases. These coins have been valued in the past according to the amount of precious metal that they contained, but there are other factors that affect values and pricing now. Of course, with the laws of supply and demand, the desirability of a particular coin can really drive the price up, meaning that current coin owners find themselves with truly valuable investments.

Gold - Gold Bullion Bars - Buy Gold Bar - Buying Gold BarsGold has always been considered valuable and powerful, even among the very first civilizations that discovered it. For thousands of years, gold has been currency and jewelry, but now it just means money. Gold is recognized in any country in the world and can be easily transferred to cash. Gold coins from the United States are actually the most widely respected gold coins in the marketplace and enjoy a more liquid status than any other gold bullion coins.

The official gold bullion coin of the United States is the gold American Eagle, which is also available in silver and platinum versions. This is not the only gold bullion coin that you can purchase, though. The Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is another popular choice, though the original 1907 version is quite hard to find. The American Buffalo gold bullion coin is also another favorite, and it is distinctive because it is minted only from gold mined in the United States, according to law.

There are more rare gold coins, too, that range from the late 1790’s to the early 1930’s. These coins include the Double Eagle, the Eagle, the Half Eagle, and the Quarter Eagle. You can also find the four dollar “Stella,” three dollar gold pieces, and gold dollars. The desirability of these coins makes them harder to find and more expensive to purchase, but they make fantastic investment choices.

You can find most of these coins with any reputable coin dealer. Even if the coin dealer doesn’t have it in stock, they can usually be obtained for collectors that really desire a particular coin. Be sure that you complete diligent research on the coin dealer that you choose, because technology is making fraud easier every day. There are several online dealers that you can trust, but you should be sure to check reviews and search the Better Business Bureau before you make your purchases. Then sit back and let your coins make the money for you.


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