An Unique Alphabet

Pictures with Words: Creating Artwork Photography

Are you in need of an unique crafting idea? Ever wanted to put a loved one's name in the family photo album, but didn't know how to do so? This would be a perfect opportunity to use alphabet photography as an artistic way of showing someone you care, or creating a personal piece of artwork for your home. Revamp the picture collection, creating a memorable photo collage with all your family members and close friends.

What is alphabet photography?
Alphabet photography is an easy, affordable method of creating personalized name art. You can give close relatives a birthday invitation with their names printed on the card. Letter artwork can also be used for wedding invitations, Christmas cards, anniversary gifts and house warming greeting cards. Creating a customized letter or picture for that special person will leave a lifelong impression.

What should I use to create my photograph artwork?
Sculpting your work can be the most rewarding portion of the project. You have unlimited options to choose from when crafting the perfect picture. Using photography gives you an opportunity to look at natural elements, metals, landscapes and signs as interpretations, relating to different messages. It is also a great way of reconnecting with your artistic abilities. Imagine a flag, stop sign, ladder or worm posing as a hidden letter. Using your imagination brings to life the best alphabet photography .

What are some creative ways of using my artwork?
Expand your project ideas using frames and personal mantles as illustration pieces around the living room. Framing your photography adds a Feng shui element to the environment and gives it more of a homely comfort. Natural woods are great for framing pictures and photographs. Build yourself a personal name frame, or create a gift frame for a friend to hang in the family room.

Alphabet photography is a thoughtful way of giving loved ones messages, and great for exchanging holiday gifts and well wishes. Combining with natural elements, inanimate objects, appliance metals and other materials, you can show loved ones you care in a special way. These photos are done with attention and respect for the person it is intended for. Impress that special someone with a photo gift designed from personal admiration.

Photos can be used as personal mementos, invitations of celebratory engagements, special gifts, home art and photography projects. Create photographic masterpieces that will capture the attention of your friends and family.

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