Choosing Products to Implement Least Privilege Policies

Choosing Products to Implement Least Privilege Policies

When you decide to implement a least privilege policy in your company or organization, you are taking a huge step toward privacy and security. With password protection to your computer programs and software, you can ensure that your employees will never accidentally or purposely create security issues. With least privilege policies in place, you can restrict Internet access, govern e-mail usage, and prohibit instant messaging and social networking sites. These are the top reasons that companies find themselves under attack from viruses and other malicious programs, and many of these dangerous programs are brought in accidentally.

Password protection software such as PowerBroker Password Safe is the perfect way to enhance your security. With this software, you can assign password encryption that will keep unauthorized employees from accessing any protected content, networks, or Internet sites that you choose. These programs can be fully customized, so you will never have to concede access for one person just because everyone else around him or her gets that access.

The most important thing to remember when implementing a least privilege policy is that your passwords must not be predictable. There is no point in purchasing PowerBroker Password Safe if you just plan to use easy passwords that anyone in the company could guess. By using this type of software, you can also prevent employees from exchanging passwords for a higher level of clearance at any time. To fully enforce the privacy changes, you should also change your passwords on a regular basis, continuing to choose unpredictable passwords each time.

While implementing a least privilege policy may seem like an expensive security measure, it is certainly well worth the price. When you make a software purchase to protect your computer network and the data in your company, you can save your business a great deal of money in the long run. Cleaning up after a security breach or an accidental virus can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Putting a policy into place as soon as possible can spare you from the outrageous costs of recovering lost data or ridding your network of malicious programs. When you put a password protection program into place, you can also compartmentalize your network, which means that a breach of one section will not affect the remainder of your network. There is no better or safer way to protect your company.

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