Cleaning Your Stoma with ConvaTec Ostomy Supplies

Any ostomy, whether it is an ileostomy, a colostomy, or a urostomy, is a very delicate surgery that leaves the patient with an opening in his or her abdomen or urinary system through which body waste will pass into a tube. The fluids will then travel down the tube and into a bag that has to be emptied every so often. Post-ostomy care of the opening is incredibly important, but with ConvaTec ostomy supplies, it can be so much easier and much more convenient.

The opening in either the abdomen or the urinary system is called a stoma. A stoma is a very delicate new addition to the body because body fluids are passing through it so it is exposed to waste such as fecal matter or urine. The opening must be cared for very cautiously because it is so delicate. There are plenty of post-ostomy medical supplies that make this process much easier with plenty of stoma-care products.

First of all, you will need a good soap to wash your hands with before cleaning the stoma. Cleaning the stoma with un-washed hands can lead to an infection, and no one wants to deal with one of those. ContaVec ostomy supplies offer great aloe soaps so that you can keep your hands clean and refreshed before you start cleaning the opening.

Cleaning the wound also requires warm water and soap. ConvaTec ostomy supplies also offer protective ointment to condition the skin around the stoma and soothe it if it is red or irritated. They also offer Aloe Vesta skin cleansers that will keep the opening smooth and clean. Additionally, there are pastes for sale online that will ensure the opening stays closed.

As was mentioned earlier, the stoma is a very fragile part of the ostomy process. There are Hydrofiber bandages that are great for covering the opening after the patient is done cleaning it.

Keep in mind that good post-ostomy care does not stop after you are done cleaning the stoma. You also have to worry about cleaning the tubing, cleaning the bag, and making sure that no fluids escape the tube, bag, or stoma.

If you have had an ostomy, or are taking care of someone who is recovering from the surgery, your doctor probably provided you with a lot of instructions. However, do not hesitate to call your doctor or nurse with any questions you might have.


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