Contact Center Solutions Brighten Customer Experience

There are so many ways out there today to please your customers. Through new contact center solutions, you can make their call experience with your business better.

The more customers are put on hold, the more likely they are to stop using a company's services. With interactive voice response (IVR), the business customers need to take care of gets done quicker. Customers who need to make a payment simply press a phone key or speak and are led to a line where they can key in credit card information. Like with payments, the IVR system simply repeats the order to ensure accuracy, and the customer indicates that their order was correct. Contact center solutions like IVR keep the customer from having to hold and wait for an agent, and they minimize call times.

Other IVR tools such as Application Development Environment (ADE) are contact center solutions that propel business through the digital age at light speed! ADE allows a customer an even better automated call experience. Customers calling from a cell phone are able to see a menu, rather than having to memorize one when they first call a business. Additionally, ADE presents automatic alert and notification systems, so if a customer's account is coming up for renewal, they receive a friendly phone call or even text message from an automated system warning them of the date.

During a call to a business, if a customer prefers to speak to an agent rather than use an IVR, he or she can do that by pressing a key at the beginning of the message. Contact center solutions such as PhoneLink personalize customer calls with agents. With PhoneLink, a customer's information is immediately brought to an agent's computer screen when the customer gets on the line with an agent. This eliminates the typical ten to twenty second wait time at the beginning of a call where an agent has to search for that customer's information.

If the customer is new to the company, the agent can enter all of the customer's information into the computer so that the next time they call, they'll receive a more personalized service. Using PhoneLink, agents can make notes on the customer's call and add any new information, as well as record whether or not the customer's situation was resolved. This allows management to follow up with customers to ensure that they had an enjoyable call experience.


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