Easy Pain Relief with Biofreeze

One of most popular pain relief products in health news today is Biofreeze. This line of products can help you get active, stay active, and do it all with less pain to you and your body.

These products are making health news headlines because they are helpful with therapy, pain relief, exercise, strength training, and overall comfort. Menthol is an active ingredient in Biofreeze, and the medication penetrates through your pain quickly, relieving your aches through cold therapy.

The Biofreeze products have been helping relieve pain for over twenty years. These innovative products are manufactured by Performance Health, Inc., and the company offers superior products and services like Biofreeze. The company’s mission is to improve quality of life and satisfy healthcare needs for both the healthcare provider and the consumer. The formula behind the product is so simple, it’s brilliant. Using a synergistic blend of menthol and other inactive ingredients, it offers quick, effective pain relief without any prescription drugs necessary.

Pain is a basic human experience, but you don’t have to suffer through it needlessly. Today’s health news is full of ways to manage your pain, from dull throbbing pain to joint stiffness and discomfort. What you may not know is that the answer to managing your pain can be found in a simple, roll-on applicator.

How does Biofreeze work? The menthol stimulates something called the TRPM8 cold receptors. This hasn’t always been a well understood pain relief mechanism, but today, scientists understand that cold induces analgesia and activates pain relief through specific heat sensitive channels in our nerves.

In fact, it works so well that it’s been in health news for another reason. Performance Health, Inc. donated to Support Our Troops, giving American troops the ability to relieve the pain in their aching muscles while they’re serving our country. American troops carry heavy backpacks and tote equipment all over the world on peacekeeping missions in foreign countries and at home. It’s no easy job. The product donated to the troops has helped those soldiers who suffer from daily aches and pains as a consequence of protecting our country and helping those in need.

Biofreeze will provide safe, easy, topical relief for anything from arthritis, to muscle pain, to sprains. Don’t rely on oral pain relievers; those medications can take thirty minutes or more to enter your system and grant you pain relief. When you are looking for a way to treat all your pain quickly and effectively, reach for the one topical pain reliever with a proven record of success – Biofreeze.


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