Get in Shape with Power Vibe

For those that want a new way to get in shape without costly gym memberships or tons of home exercise supplies, the Power Vibe is the perfect exercise system. This device works by providing intense vibrations that contribute to the effectiveness of any routine, giving you better results in less time.

Types of Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) exercise methods have been around for decades and now this technology is available in the United States. These units come with two types of vibration, both of which aid in exercise and fitness. Vertical vibration moves the platform up and down rapidly, so you can feel the benefit all the way through your spine. This type of vibration provides benefits for training, muscle toning and those with bone weakness. The pivotal vibration causes the platform to act like a teeter-totter. This helps involve your entire core in the exercise process and benefits fat loss and core strengthening, especially for abdominal exercises.

How the Power Vibe Works

This technology was initially developed for the space program, to provide astronauts with a way to prevent muscle atrophy in space. Later on, it was used to assist astronauts in training for carrying loads in disorienting space. This technology offered them an excellent way of getting great exercise in less time. It works fairly simply. The platform transforms the vibration up your entire body, involving every muscle tissue in your body. To vary the workout, you only need to adjust your body on the platform.

Benefits of WBV

Medical news shows that the Power Vibe offers numerous health benefits. It tones the muscles better than traditional exercise in less time. For those wanting to improve their balance and coordination, the Power Vibe provides intense training and practice with its many programs. Since there are many types and programs of this WBV available, you can benefit from this technology no matter how old or young you are. Whether you want an intense, body-draining workout or some mild exercise for recovery, this machine has what you need.

The design of the Power Vibe machine also provides a safe and firm surface for exercises, with minimal risk of injury, unlike complicated weight lifting machines or free weights. The device comes with many programmed workouts for your body, or you can create your own workout from the available settings. The spacious platform and support handles give you plenty of room and variety for your exercises.

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