Here Are the Massage Therapy Supplies You Need

If you are just starting out in your own massage therapy business, there are quite a few massage therapy supplies that you’ll want to look into.  There is an endless range of brands and items out there, but don’t get overwhelmed; here is a list of the basic items you need.  Before buying anything, it may be wise to decide what your budget is ahead of time, as well as what is worth a splurge and where you can save.  Price is a big factor when it comes to supplies but don’t forget to consider durability of items as well as comfort for clients.  Weight and size should also be considered, especially if you are going mobile and will need to carry all your items with you. 

Chairs and Tables

These are usually your biggest and most important purchases when it comes to massage therapy supplies.  Do you want a chair or a table?  Do you need one that is easily transported?  How much weight does it hold?  Will you need to buy extras such as neck or arm supports?  Reading reviews online can help you see what other therapists have purchased and what they liked and disliked about the chairs and tables that they have used.  Take your time with this purchase! 


Linens are essential for a sanitary experience for your clients.  You’ll want to look for sheets for the table as well as for covers that are both soft and durable.  These will need to be washed frequently, so finding linens that will last is important! 

Lotions, Oils, Gels and Creams

Choosing between these massage therapy supplies is all personal preference.  Some things to keep in mind however are that some of your clients may be allergic to certain smells and ingredients, so it may be best to have a fragrance free option as well as an option with a soothing scent.  You can look for sample packs online so that you can get a feel for the different types of items and see if you and your clientele have a preference between oils, lotions and the like.  Also, be sure to check about staining, as you will want to keep those linens you bought looking like new.   


There is an endlessly wide variety of massage tools to choose from, and what you need will depend on the type of massages you perform and your own preferences.  There are manual tools, which may help ease a little strain on your hands, as less pressure may be suitable.  There are also electrical tools which can help warm the muscles up, or that can offer you a little relief after a long day! 

Find quality massage therapy supplies with the best prices and fast shipping online today!  Or, visit a medical info site for more information.  

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