How Incontinence Pads Work for Home Patients

Are you searching for new information on incontinence pads?  If you are currently taking care of an infirm person, perhaps a family member, then you may have noticed problems with incontinence.  As any medical site can tell you, this problem usually results from an undetermined medical condition.  People do not merely lose control over their bladder because of aging.  There is either physical illness, mental affectation (such as Alzheimer’s disease), or a host of other explanations. 

It is best to ask a doctor’s opinion, so you can get ideas for treatment.  If you follow the recommended advice, you may be able to reduce the severity of the condition, or perhaps even reduce the number of accidents.  With dietary changes or medication, sometimes incontinence can be completely eliminated, or perhaps reduced to just occasional instances per month. 

Incontinence pads can minimize the embarrassment a person feels, as well as the messy clean up.  Modern pads and garments can also protect a person’s skin, keeping him or her dry, and thereby creating less of a scene.  The best way to shop for these items is to shop by the severity of the problem.  For example, patients suffering from severe episodes of incontinence would best benefit from breathable briefs, shaped briefs or extra absorbent breathable briefs, with wider closure tabs.

These specially made incontinence pads are usually made from absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers, which are highly durable.  A moisture locking system (which may be as high as triple-tier) can help to absorb moisture, protect skin, and even minimize the odor.  This system is made from pH-reducing fibers and perhaps a microporous acquisition layer.

This modern approach to a common problem should be reassuring to individuals who have incontinence and to people who work with infirm relatives, and clean up after them.  It is best to talk about this problem, rather than letting it go on without treatment or without using these specially made incontinence pads. 

It is a difficult situation, dealing with incontinence, but showing patience and concern for your patient (especially if he or she is a loved family member) will help make the situation less stressful.  Don’t avoid the issue, as this could cause more stress and emotional damage to the person.  Take action to make both you and your patient more comfortable.  Talk about the problem maturely and invest in quality health products.  You can also buy these products discreetly and for cheap, by ordering them online. 

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