How the Culinary Industry Benefits from Deep Drawn Stampings

Deep drawing is a process of metal stamping which facilitate the shaping of flat sheet metallic materials into a desired form using a metal dice. The metallic materials used are aluminum, copper, steel, nickel or a combination thereof. Some of the possible shapes from this process in the culinary industry are cup-like, shell-like or cylindrical.

A lot of cookware is made from deep drawn stampings. Basically, if the depth of the cookware made is equal to or greater than the radius, then that metal stamping process is known as deep drawing stamping.

The stamping press is the tool which creates the various unique geometries. It consists of a cavity-shaped part called a die and another part called a punch.

How does this process work?

The process starts with typically single metal blanks. The metal blank is moved over the die cavity. On either sides of the die, there are blank holders which hold the flat metal intact as the process takes place. The punch then ensures that the flat metal is shaped by driving it into the die cavity. The punch can be elaborated to give desired shape.

Like companies in many other industries, your company will benefit from the deep drawn stampings. Cookwares can be economically made through the process.

Benefits of deep drawing to culinary industry

Since this industry produces a high number of cookware pieces, deep drawing suits it because unit cost of production reduces as unit count increases: Once the process has begun, it can progress with minimal downtime or maintenance. It’s the most economic solution since it requires little tool construction costs even in smaller capacities.

The cookwares and other culinary end products need to have specific strength and reduced weight for them to function properly. Deep drawn stampings are suitable to deliver these desired end results.

Deep drawn stampings are available in a vast range of shapes. Your cookware processing company can create nearly any shape from this process. It’s hard to achieve the desired geometries of cookware using other processes. This is where deep drawing steps in.

As you know, most culinary products are cylindrical; hence deep drawn stampings are required.

Deep drawn stamping is a viable manufacturing process for culinary industry since the industry requires:

·Quick cycle times: Large volumes of cookwares are easily manufactured

·Minimal technical labor: This process can quickly produce equal results as technical labor

·Complex shapes: Deep drawing gives you the desired accuracy.

·Seamless parts: Deep drawn stampings are created from a single metal blanks.

Whether yours is a small or a medium-sized company or business that needs a metal form services, consider this process as it comes with great benefits.


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