How to Conduct Proper Keyword Research for Your Website

Below are some tips on how to conduct proper keyword research for your website. There is an art in choosing the best keywords. When customers and visitors reach your website it all began with words they typed into the search engine search box. Therefore choosing the best keywords for your website is of the upmost importance. Ranking of the keywords you choose can sometimes be the difference between business success and failure

The secret is getting quality visitors to your website- that is visitors who may become customers or purchase from you. Keyword research predicts shifts in demand and responds to a changing market. Correct keywords will also produce the products and services customers are actively seeking and in the area they wish to buy.

Assessing a keyword’s value:  
You’ll need to ask is the chosen keyword relevant to your website and its content? It is important potential customers find what they are looking for on your website using your chosen keywords. One way of choosing the best keywords is to search for the term in one of the major search engines like Google. This will give you an insight into which websites respond to your keyword. If you keyword attracts many websites similar to yours you can assume the keyword is of a high value. If your keywords are not producing results you’ll need to think again.

Buying a campaign
Try a sample campaign using a service like Adword. In Google Adwords choose an exact match and point the traffic to a page on your website. You’ll need track impressions for approximately 500 clicks. This will give you valuable data and will help you in choosing the best keywords by assessing the value of the keywords chosen.

Long tail keywords
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requires constant evaluating, experimenting and improving keywords used. Popular keywords are not necessarily the best keywords as they make up only 30% of all searches. The remaining searches are known as ‘long tail’. The long tail has millions of unique searches that might be used a few times in a day. When taken together, they make the majority of information through search engines. Long tail keywords can convert more efficiently, because they pull in people later in the buying process. A person searching for ‘gloves’ is probably browsing only, and not serious about buying. Conversely someone searching for ‘best price’ may have their credit card out.

Please do not ignore the long tail - search marketing and web site content must cater for the hard to predict type of visits or they’ll risk losing out to the competition. Do remember keywords are not static and you’ll need to constantly research which keywords are working at any given time. 

The task of choosing the best keywords is an ongoing task that needs constant attention along with other SEO tactics to keep your website on top of the search engines. It is also important keywords reach quality visitors. Quality visitors will be of special importance if your business needs to seek out local rather than national visitors. Your website will need to be optimized to attract potential customers, people who may buy your services, not just random visitors. The art of choosing the best keywords will go a long way to ensure your website’s success.

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