How to Spread Customer, Employee Happiness - A Better Internet

One key to customer and employee satisfaction is better, faster internet. There is nothing worse than being online and having to wait while something loads. It's a waste of time and time is money.

Anyone who has ever had dial-up internet can tell you how amazed they were the first time they tried DSL. The speed was amazing. You went to a page and it was loaded instantly by comparison. No one misses the old dial-up days.

The differences between high-speed cable internet and DSL can be a lot like the ifferences between DSL and dial-up. Dedicated Ethernet internet has blinding fast speeds; many people who have had DSL and then try cable internet are astonished, just like the good ole’ days. They thought their DSL was fast and it was – but not as fast as it could be.

Also, if you do any business online, those higher speeds can really save you money. Look at it this way. There are 52 weeks in a year, roughly 40 work hours per week, for a total of 2,080 work hours per person. Let us assume you have, at least, one person who spends a majority of their time working online, let us say 1,500 hours per year. Now let us assume that you had been on a DSL package that gave you speeds of 10 Mbps. Now you switch to cable and your minimum package gives you 16 Mbps. That is an increase of a third.

This means that in the 1,500 online hours you paid for with DSL, on high speed cable you could do 2,000 hours worth of research in the same amount of time. The dedicated Ethernet package is cheaper and allows more browsing in less time, freeing this employee to do other work, saving you money. The best part is the more people you have that need to use the internet the more money and time this can save you.

The frustration removed by a switch to high speed cable internet is beyond expense. Whether it is a customer or an employee, they will be happier and more productive when browsing faster. Nothing is worse than twiddling your thumbs while waiting for a page to load or an email attachment to download.

Also, when getting a dedicated Ethernet business package you can add phone services. These services travel through a proprietary network. This means long distance is offered free under most contracts and makes your calls safe, secure and less expensive than any phone company alone can offer.

Dedicated Ethernet is a step forward and definitely saves you and your company time and money while reducing frustration.

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