If you are the victim of a hit-and-run, what should you do?

A hit-and-run incident is never anything less than serious. Even if the driver doesn't hit the victim hard with the vehicle and cause severe injury, every step should be taken to make sure anyone pays for fleeing the scene instead of taking responsibility for his or her actions. In any hit-and-run case, car insurance and police reports should be involved in resolving the issue and compensating the victim.

Reporting and Resolving a Hit-and-Run

There are several steps to take after being involved as the victim in a hit-and-run:

  • If you've just been involved as a victim of a hit-and-run, the first thing to do would be to memorize or jot down the license plate of the evading car, if possible.
  • Making a report with the police would be the next step, calling them immediately after the accident and having an officer arrive at the scene of the incident and examine the vehicle.
  • Every victim of a hit-and-run should call his or her car insurance company to file a claim. The police report will most likely need to go through before the insurance company can step in.
  • Taking photographs of the damaged vehicle and scene of the accident would be a hugely useful move to back up your claims. A disposable camera stored in the glove compartment or other handy spot in the car is a good precaution to take. Photographing the vehicle responsible for the accident is also helpful, if possible. Cell phone cameras are not the most recommendable for a hit-and-run accident as other cameras can offer higher quality photos and also contain time stamps within the photographs, which can also assist the victim.
  • Finding possible witnesses who happened to be at the scene when the accident occurred can help back up your claims through statements gathered from either you or the police. Also, some witnesses may have memorized the license plate number if the victim hasn't.
  • With all of the required information about the accident, submitting a claim would be next, with the car insurance company either sending a form via snail mail or e-mail for the victim to fill out. Filling the form out completely will better guarantee compliance with the claim.

Punishment For the Responsible Driver

A hit-and-run accident is considered a serious offense and if the driver who instigated the accident is found they can serve time in jail. In addition to jail time, liability for the victim's damage is ultimately made the causer's responsibility and the victim can gain money in a settlement.

If a victim is not responsible for the occurrence of an auto accident, the car insurance company for the victim should be able to support them for the damage done to the vehicle. Taking the necessary steps to file a claim that is sturdy and supportive can ensure that even if the driver responsible is never found, the repercussions of his or her actions don’t cause more trouble for the victim than there has to exist.

No hit-and-run accident should leave the victim with nowhere to turn for help, so victims should take immediate action by contacting the police and a car insurance company so they can make the best of a bad situation.

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