Is a Degree in Instructional Design Right for You?

If you are considering entering the Field of Instructional Design, then this article may help you in understanding some of the elements to this profession. Ultimately, this subject is intended for those individuals who are wondering if an Instructional Design degree is the right path.  We hope that it will serve you well in better understanding if this career path has a potential for you.

An obvious requirement for being an Instructional Designer is that you have a strong ability and drive to communicate effectively, both in written form and through multi-media formats. This will be an important, even crucial element for your work and long term success in the field. The ability to communicate effectively and a desire to be creative would be understandable prerequisites for this career choice.

If you are interested in applying systematic methodology based on instructional theory to develop content, curriculum, and training that details ways of doing things then this may be a potential area of interest for you to pursue. Instructional Designers are generally involved with the development of leading edge ideas, concepts, and technology. They work in businesses, educational systems, and e-learning environments. Often you will have a working relationship with the instructors that will be delivering your material, but have no fears about standing in front of a crowd discussing the subject, as you will most often be working be behind the scenes. Frequently, you will be working under the pressures of a deadline to meet, in order that your team members can deliver the materials to students who are already scheduled for classes or a seminar.

You would do well as an Instructional Designer if you like working with new material and concepts that you have not been involved with before. That is, you like to learn yourself, because the nature of Instructional Design is all about learning for you and ultimately the students who will be using your developed materials. You will be both challenged and rewarded for your abilities to convey the information and materials in a direct and understandable manner.

For those working in the field of Instructional Design, there is a strong sense of cause to help others to understand the subject/materials effectively, and you would be a good fit for this profession if you had such a yearning. Instructional Designers receive a great deal of personal satisfaction from developing successful course materials that help others to learn faster or easier. When you can thoroughly understand the information flow you are developing and how it will impact the student’s ability to learn, you will be successful at being and Instructional Designer.

To summarize then, if you desire to be an Instructional Designer, you would want to have the following Areas of Interest and/or Practical Experience -

  • Effective Communication Skills, both written and with multi-media.
  • Desire to learn new concepts and technologies and to develop materials that show others the way to learn those concepts/technologies effectively.
  • Able to work as a team player, knowing that your work will ultimately be used by others in their respective success paths.
  • Being creative and have a strong sense to help others learn effectively

If you feel that these are areas that you want to exercise and develop further in a career, you should look into the curriculum being offered for the Instructional Design Degree. Please contact the appropriate adviser for further details of this challenging and rewarding career choice.

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