Learning the Basics of Spa Products

When buying new spa products, owners need to first consider what services they want to offer to their clients. One service that is very popular at spas is that of facial and body waxing. People may be too nervous to try the service at home, which is why they turn to you, the professionals, to do the job for them. 

Before offering this service, you want to have knowledge and experience under your belt. Books are a great source of knowledge when it comes to techniques, but some people are better visual learners. If you can’t get the instruction from a teacher in person, one great innovation is learning by watching DVDs. Seeing the procedure done, and being able to watch as many times as you need to, can make this an ideal learning product. 

Before you can start practicing however, you will need basic spa products. You will need wax warmers that warm the wax to a comfortable temperature, so that it is melted thoroughly but will feel warm and not overly hot to your clients. You will also need the wax. There are many varieties on the market today. There is wax for sensitive kin, there is wax with healthy additives such as honey and vitamin E so that it not only helps remove hair but it also nurtures the skin as well. 

Certain waxes are made for the face, while some waxes are thicker and designed solely for the body. You will also need strips and applicators. Strips are the cloth that is applied over the wax, and that is pulled off to help the removal of the wax (and the client’s unwanted hair. Calming and soothing gels and creams are also appreciated after the procedure is done.  

All of this may seem like a lot of spa products to buy at once, but the good news is that a lot of these items are often sold in kits, which means you get everything you need at an affordable price. There are also kits designed with the student in mind, which come with instructional DVDs to help get you started. 

Health news is often concerned with the cleanliness of such procedures, so always be sure to sterilize all items that you use and always have plenty of fresh wax and clean gauze strips for each client.

Waxing spa products and services are sure to excite your clients, as waxing is becoming increasingly popular these days. Look for good deals and kit sets online for the best prices around.  

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