Moving? Helpful Tips from One Comcast Customer to Another


When I began planning my move, one of the items on my to-do list included transferring my cable. Fortunately, Comcast was available in my new area. If you are not sure, check the website by entering your new address. With Comcast XFINITY, I was able to select from a wide menu of selections, even with my budget. I had the Digital Starter plan, and I received over 80 channels. With my move, I opted for the Digital Preferred, I spent more money, but I received over 160 channels; well worth it.

I live on the internet. I work from home and 90% of my day depends heavily on my wireless access. With this in mind, internet access was number one on my priority list. Comcast offers several different Internet packages with download speeds beginning at 1.5 Mbps and going up to 105 Mbps. With each of these menu options, you can receive the Constant Guard online protection plan and the XFINITY Connect for email, contacts and voicemail. PC Magazine lists XFINITY by Comcast, the fastest Internet provider in the nation, which gives you something to consider as you search for provider options.

Your move will not be complete without either transferring your current phone service or switching to the Comcast XFINITY Voice plan. This plan includes 3-way calling, speed dial, anonymous call rejection, repeat dialing, call forwarding, caller ID with call waiting, call forwarding selective, caller ID blocking per call/line, call return, caller ID, call screening and callĀ  waiting. In addition, you will receive the best call clarity and universal caller ID on your television or PC.

Once you have finalized the details of your move and begun settling into your new home, I would recommend considering internet connectivity away from the house. The XFINITY Internet 2Go plan offers two plan levels, beginning with the nationwide 3G plan, featuring a download speed of 1.4 Mbps and a usage allowance of 2GB per month on all 3G mobile broadband devices and in all 3G Mobile Hotspots. The Nationwide Preferred plan is available for a 6 Mbps download speed, at a 5GB per month allowance for 3G devices or unlimited for 4G devices. I chose the nationwide 3Gplan, and I could not be happier!

Home Security
I have been a loyal customer with ADT Security, however when I moved, the Comcast customer service representative offered me a home security plan that protects my home and family, whether we are at home or away. This package allows me to receive emails and text messages or to access my system remotely so I can change settings or look through video clips from any Internet-accessible device. I have never felt safer, as I do in my new home.

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