New Roll on Biofreeze Soothes Muscles without the Mess

Sometimes even the littlest things can make your muscles sore. Sleeping in the wrong position, stretching too far to reach something, or picking up your overweight dog can lead to uncomfortable stiffness that can interfere with your everyday life. If you wake up with soreness that permeates your muscles and prevents you from being able to do your regular tasks, you might want to try an effective topical ointment that can give you relief in a matter of only a few minutes. Biofreeze is a product that utilizes a cooling method to speed fast relief to sore areas. This product has become one of the top rated muscle relaxers in the country and according to online health information, it is now available in a convenient roll-on.

The roll-on Biofreeze ointment works the same as the regular ointment. It is the same product except it is applied using a rollerball method that evenly distributes the powerful product. This innovative method of application has many benefits for users. First of all, anyone who uses it does not have to worry about their hands becoming coated in sticky ointment. All they have to do is pull out the tube of ointment, pop off the cap, roll on the soothing product, and snap the lid back on. It is a simple process that leaves no mess and delivers relief in a heartbeat.

Secondly, this potent pain reliever is easy to tote around with you wherever you go because it can fit in your pocket or purse and you do not have to worry about the product spilling. Thirdly, it can be applied to even the most hard to reach spots on your body, which is great for older patients who may have trouble reaching certain areas. The new roll-on Biofreeze is a great choice for anyone who wants access to comfort and soothing, even when they are on the go and living their busy life.

This topical analgesic is made with high quality ingredients that are natural and safe. The South American holly shrub provides an herbal supplement called Ilex that is the core ingredient in this pain soother. The ointment contains no sticky petroleum, aloe, or waxes, so it is safe to use pretty much anywhere and will not stain clothing or fabrics of any kind.

When you need sore muscle relaxation without any mess or sticky goo all over the place, try roll-on Biofreeze.


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