Oakley Bags and Equipment

Oakley is a sports performance equipment company that makes many different kinds of high-quality sports accessories. They are most well-known for their various eye protection equipment including sunglasses, visors, and ski goggles. Oakley also manufacturers shoes and clothing for various sports, as well as a complete line of Oakley bags that range from basic carrying bags to camping and outdoors bags to specialized bags for specific occasions.

For example, Oakley creates a specific bag for surfing enthusiasts named the Surf Pack. The Surf Pack is designed to handle wet storage, is designed with special water resistant materials, and drainage holes for excess water to leave the pack. Features include an accompanying changing mat and a sealed plastic bag for carrying more water-sensitive equipment.

Oakley’s Alpha Charlie Vertical Computer Bag is a stylish, high-quality computer messenger that has a soft interior for protecting the various electronics that can be placed inside. A special place for an iPod or MP3 player comes complete with a small hole that allows the player to remain within the bag while headphones extend outside.

Oakley’s Banger Bag is a special bag made especially for active golfers. The bag has a special two-strap carrying system, and has a wide tripod standing system to allow for easy access on the course. Along with divided space for all the golf clubs—including a putter pit—there is plenty of other space to allow for various other additions, including an emergency umbrella and change of clothes. There is a dedicated pocket for a pair of shoes, so everything is in one place.

The O Snowboard Box is a special container for all of the possible snowboarding equipment one could need. It holds two boards, and is available in both the 155 centimeter and 165 centimeter sizes to fit various size boards. The bottom contains enough space to carry wintry gear such as boots or goggles, and handles cover the bag to make it easy to carry from any angle. Mesh pockets are designed inside to carry easily small losable items. It also attaches to other bags that use Oakley’s “Adaptable Payload” design.

Each of these Oakley bags is made with the highest quality materials and is tested to ensure that they are designed well. From surfing to golfing to snowboarding, or if you are just going to school, Oakley has some variant of bag that will fit all of your needs.


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