Organized Play of Paintball

Paintball is a great way to burn off stress and energy. It is a sport that requires skill, athleticism, and critical thinking. Paintball offers a challenging hobby to people looking to add a little spice to their life. It also offers athletes a chance to show off their skills, both on a novice and professional level.

The first organized paintball game was held by Charles Gaines and his friends in New Hampshire in 1981. The first paintball field opened a year later in update New York. In 1983, the first National Survival Game was held, and featured a $14,000 cash prize to the winners.

Now-a-days, people can play paintball at the professional level. There are a variety of teams across the world that cater to athletes who want to take their paintball skills to the next level. The two major leagues in the United States include the NPPL and the PSP. Europe and Canada have their own professional paintball leagues as well.

The way a professional paintball game is run is very different from that of a recreational one. The timing and rules are usually specified by the league running the tournament. The league can also define the match rules, such as what equipment is acceptable to wear or not.

Paintball games are called matches and are refereed by a judge whose decisions cannot be argued with. Most matches are played in the woods, however, smaller fields made from artificial terrain have been created to resemble war bunkers. Other fields can use inflatable bunkers that are tethered to the ground with rope and stakes. These inflatable bunkers make it easier to rearrange the playing field and set up different scenarios and environment for the players.

Professional paintball players use a large variety of high quality guns to help them with their accuracy during matches. One of the kinds of guns they use is the Invert Mini. This little yet effective gun allows players to carry it easily. The light weight ensured an easy mobility so that they can get around the playing field quickly. Professional paintball players prefer light weight guns to the more cumbersome and heavy larger ones.

Paintball is an entertaining sport both to watch and to play. It will keep audiences entertained for hours and always guarantees heart pounding action and excitement for all involved. If you like competitive sports, paintball might just be for you.


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