Silver Quarter Dollars

The second part in this series focuses on the silver quarter dollars (usually shortened to just "quarters"). Silver quarter dollars have been minted and in production since 1796. Similarly to the silver dime pieces, silver quarter dollars tend to be overlooked in favor of silver half dollar coins or silver dollars. Again, though, there is value to be had and beauty to be appreciated with silver quarter dollars. Below are some of the quarters to consider when asking about silver coins at Zoomcoin.

Capped Bust Silver Quarter Dollars

Capped Bust silver quarter dollars were minted from 1815 to 1828. The designer is John Reich, a German immigrant who came over in the beginning of the 1800s. These silver coins are very popular with collectors, but beware if you attempt to collect the set: the 1823 and 1827 versions are so rare that they are virtually impossible to obtain. Obtain one of those versions, though, and you have yourself a real money maker, should you decide to sell it.

Seated Liberty Silver Quarter Dollars

The Seated Liberty silver quarter dollars were minted from 1838 to 1891. As might be expected, it depicts a seated version of Miss Liberty. This is yet another coin to keep your eye on because it is highly desired because of its several varieties. The variations include one with no motto, one with arrows and rays, one with arrows at the date, one with a motto, and a different one with arrows at the date. Some of these variations are very rare and, subsequently, very valuable, with the rarest being the 1866 no motto seated liberty silver quarter dollar.

Standing Liberty Silver Quarter Dollar

The Standing Liberty silver quarter dollars were minted from 1916 to 1930. As opposed to the Seated Liberty, the Standing Liberty silver quarter dollar depicts a standing version of Miss Liberty, one which actually has the posture and resemblance of an ancient Greek sculpture. It is often considered one of the best and one of the prettiest coins in its class, with the majestic and symbolic version of Miss Liberty on one side and the bald eagle in full flight on the reverse side. The unique depiction of Miss Liberty as a Greek sculpture with a shield and an olive branch is what makes this design one of the most desirable silver coins for most collectors.

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