Spa Equipment Foundation Pieces

Setting up a spa that will provide relaxation and pampering to your clients in a soothing and therapeutic environment requires attention to detail. An important detail that should never be overlooked is the correct equipment. Spa equipment comprises those items that prepare your facility and your staff to provide treatments to your clients. It is crucial that you select the equipment that will make your spa clean, comfortable, convenient, and functional. Having this equipment in place allows you to then create the ambiance that you envision.

Though there are numerous categories of spa equipment, the foundation piece of your treatment rooms will be tables and chairs. These are the pieces of furniture to which you will invite your clients so that they may relax and glean the benefits of the treatments that they have selected. Choosing the appropriate tables and chairs for your facility is crucial to the comfort and benefit of your clients, as well as the appearance and impression given by your spa. There are two basic types of this furniture, the table and the chair. Though some misconstrue all tables as being geared specifically toward massages, there are some key differences in such pieces that make them more appropriate for either massage therapy or spa treatments such as body scrubs and wraps.

If you are planning to provide massage therapy as an option on your menu of services, you will need specific treatment rooms prepared for these services. The tables in these rooms quite often will feature a support cushion that allows the client to position his or her face within it while lying face down. Specially designed tables also have segments within the table that allow you to modify it for use by pregnant women if your facility will be offering prenatal massage.

Spa tables closely resemble massage tables, and sometimes feature head support as well. For the most part, however, spa tables will be larger and more deeply cushioned to accommodate the longer period a client will be spending on it, and the nature of the treatments applied. On the other hand, spa equipment geared toward treatments such as facials or hand treatments is more likely to take the form of a spa chair. These chairs often resemble tables but are actually multi-segment pieces that can be adjusted to several positions, including upright, and support the various body parts in comfortable, relaxation-encouraging positions. These allow your technicians easier access to the parts of the body being treated, and promote the release of tension within your clients.

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