The Amazing Adaptability of Biofreeze

Biofreeze is a recognized by massage therapists and doctors alike as effective treatment for pain relief.  While this product does not cure pain, it can help in pain management.  What is the active ingredient in this item?  It is Ilex, an herbal extract from the holly shrub.  It has actually been used for many years and all over the world, but only recently has its medical use been realized. 

This fast-acting topical solution has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, where the herbal extract, as well as menthol, will began overriding the pain sensors through a process known as cryotherapy.  It’s almost the same thing as applying an icepack, but it’s so much easier and convenient for you. 

Cryotherapy refers to a process of using cold application to relieve pain, in much the same way an icepack would.  The cooling and re-warming of tissue helps to stimulate the return of blood.  The product produces the same sensation associated with ice therapy.  However, it is far more convenient than administering it to the body.

Are there any safety precautions for this analgesic?  No, except that it should not be applied to irritated skin or open wounds.  For the best and fastest results, it is recommended that you start by warming the skin (through massage or a hot shower) and then apply the cool topical material.  The hot-cold therapy really helps to alleviate the pain, as does the counter-irritant effect happening, thanks to the combination of menthol and Ilex.

This is an excellent alternative to taking oral painkillers, which may cause problems with your heart, liver, and other vital organs.  For the latest on Biofreeze, and other natural pain relievers, keep up with the newest health news online.  You can also look for the solution at a healthcare facility or from the manufacturer. 

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