The Benefits of a Glucose Meter

Choosing a glucose meter isn’t always an easy task, as there can be many variations from one to the other, and there are plenty to choose from on the market today.  The price of the meter and of the test strips are all factors to consider.  Furthermore, the size (and thus portability) of the meter, the amount of blood (and the size of the pinprick!), as well as the speed at which the meter tests, are all factors to look into before buying.  

Some newer models do not require finger pricking.  Other spots of the body may prove less troublesome for you.  This may come in especially handy for those of us who have to use a computer and thus use their fingers on a regular basis.  Look for meters that say “multi-site”, or that mention use on the forearm, thigh or calf.  Many believe the pain of daily testing is minimized in these locations. 

For individuals with poor vision or failing hearing, some new models offer very large, easy-to-read screens or even spoken instructions that are easy for anyone to follow.  Ease of use is also very important when selecting a glucose meter, especially for elderly patients who might not be used to handling such gadgets. 

Maintenance is another consideration.  Many meters require cleaning almost daily, whereas others will alert you when they need to be cleaned.  Some meters have to be cleaned less often, but need to be sent back to the company for cleaning. 

Price can be a very big factor for many, especially if you are on a tight fixed income.  This is why a medical site can be your ally.  A glucose meter purchased online will often be discounted, as competition online is fierce.  There are seasonal sales, and deeply discounted shipping rates, so that you can find the best deal possible. 

Finding the right meter for you doesn’t have to be a grave challenge.  Learn about some of the features you’d like and look for a glucose meter online that has what you are after, at the best available price. 

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