The Reality of the Counterfeit Silver Eagle

When you first start investing in bullion coins, one of the first ones that probably strike your eye is the silver Eagle. They are a great coin to add to your investment portfolio, and they are one of the best-known coins in the world. You will be able to add diversification that you need. Best of all, the coins are affordable even to those who don't have the money to invest in other metals. You will even be able to find proof versions of the coins, which are nice for those who like to collect. However, if you don't take care when you are buying your coins, you might run into a problem.

Today, quite a few of the silver Eagle coins that are filtering through the market are counterfeit. It's unfortunate but true. When people see that there is a high demand for something, the thieves of the world find ways to take advantage. They are doing this with fake coins right now, and many of these fake coins come from foreign nations. You might think that as long as you buy from someone in the United States that you are safe. However, as these coins come into the country, some of them are ending up in shops where unsuspecting buyers are wasting their money.

Although some of the fake silver Eagle coins have some rather outlandish designs – a date of 1906 even though the coins weren't minted for another 80 years, for example – not all of them are so easy to determine as fake. Buying coins from anyone that you don't know has the potential to be a huge mistake. This often happens when you buy through an online ad site, or when you visit a pawnshop that doesn't have much experience in coins. They might not even be aware that they are selling counterfeit coins.

Your best option when you are buying the silver Eagle coins is to use a company that you know and can trust. Finding a company based in the United States that has been selling these coins and other bullion for at least 10 years is the best option. Make sure that you check the reputation of the company as well. With a little research, you will be able to find the best company for your coins, and you can be sure they are real. This is the best way to get your bullion coins into your hands.

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