Tippmann Guns for Paintball

Tippmann Guns for Paintball

Tippmann originally made half-scale replicas of machine guns. In 1986, Tippmann changed its business and entered into manufacturing Tippmann guns for paintball players. Paintball had only been around in the public eye for about five years at that time. There were not a lot of manufacturers in the industry either. Using the expertise and craftsmanship they had building model machine guns, they applied this knowledge to develop a high quality marker.

Tippmann guns were well beyond those of the competition. Because of their past experience, they were able to make a marker that was durable and affordable. Tippmann was the first manufacturer to offer semi-automatic and full-automatic markers. Tippmannā€™s innovative products helped to increase the popularity of paintball. Since Tippmann guns were available to fit any budget, they opened up opportunities for beginners that were on tight budgets.

Tippmann still follows that basic business philosophy today. They still offer products that anyone can afford. Whether you are a beginner just getting started or have been playing paintball for years, Tippmann has markers made especially for specific scenario play. Tippmann offers packages as well as the ability to purchase each component separately. Tippman guns are one of the easiest to upgrade. While there are a few specific models that are not cross-compatible, just about every other model Tippmann makes can be fully and completely customized the way you want.

If you are a military enthusiast, Tippmann makes replicas that look like real M16s, M4s or AK47s. Not only do these markers look like they real thing, they also operate and feel similar. The upgrade possibilities with Tippmann markers are endless. Since Tippmann is an innovator when it comes to new technologies, you can expect the latest and best products available on the market today.

The durability of Tippmann markers also makes them quite popular, especially for players that play paintball in extreme conditions. The markers will survive being dropped on the ground, hit with pellets, dropped in water, or even dropped in dirt. Accidents do occur and players need a marker that will still work.

Tippmann also is the only marker available that is compatible with flat line barrel systems. Paintball players that play outdoors in the woods need the ability to shoot paintball pellets longer distance. The flat line barrel systems attach to the marker and help to add this needed distance. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned paintball player, Tippmann has products for everyone.

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