Tips for Caring for Your Wholesale Flowers

Many consumers have now come to learn that ordering flowers wholesale online can provide them with time and cost saving advantages. In addition, this is a great way to obtain fresher, better quality flowers. There are several elements that should be kept in mind when ordering wholesale flowers. First, you will want to make sure you have a solid knowledge regarding how to properly care for your fresh flowers once they arrive. Check with the florist from whom you order your flowers. A reliable florist will be able to provide you with specific instructions regarding the best way to care for your flowers so they will last as long as possible and remain beautiful the entire time.

It is also important to know how to carefully unpack your flowers after they have been delivered. This is particularly important if you will not use your flowers for a day or so after they arrive. In most instances, you will need to unpack your wholesale flowers immediately upon arrival. The stems will generally need to be trimmed and then placed in water.

Most wholesale florists advise not un-wrapping the blooms as they will need to rehydrate for about twelve hours before they are unpacked. This can vary depending on the specific type of flower you order, so make a point to check with your florist when placing your order so you can be certain of the proper care required for your flowers.

Keep in mind that there are some types of flowers that require certain temperatures in order to last. There are also other flowers that require certain types of lighting. This is fairly common when ordering exotic wholesale flowers. Exotic flowers can often require very specific care and handling instructions. Always make sure you check with the florist in advance to be certain you know how to properly care for those flowers for the best results.

Ordering wholesale flowers is a great idea whether you simply want to enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers in your own home or you are planning an upcoming event and want the highest quality flowers possible at the lowest prices available. In either case, choosing the right florist and making sure you know how to properly care for your flowers will allow you to enjoy your flowers for the maximum amount of time in all of their glory.

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