Top 10 College Resources to take advantage of before your Graduate

Many New Mexico universities offer top college resources to utilize before graduation. Taking advantage of these services can help maximize your academic investment for optimum success. Here are some options to consider as you prepare for graduation.

1.     Counseling and advising. Whether you are looking for help with scheduling classes or going through tough personal times, a campus adviser can work with you to solve problems. Some campuses offer walk-in appointments in addition to scheduled times. Call or visit the counseling center to find out more. 

2.      Funding. Students in need of financial aid usually complete a FAFSA form. It doesn’t matter what college or university you attend; the FAFSA can locate funding sources like grants, scholarships, and loans at most New Mexico universities. Even if a student is ineligible for a full scholarship, there may be smaller grants or awards available. Contact the financial aid department for details.

3.     Tutors. Professionally-trained tutors work one-to-one or in small groups to help students master challenging subjects, especially writing, math, and science. Many universities now offer e-tutoring options, where students can submit an assignment electronically after registering with the service and receive feedback within a day or two.

4.     Study areas. If your dorm is noisy or crowded, take your books and notes to a campus-designated study area for peace and quiet. Often located in the campus library or other low-traffic areas, these rooms, labs, and open spaces provide room to spread out your assignments and get some serious studying done.

5.     Technical support. If you do not have sole access or any access to a personal computer, you can possibly borrow a laptop from University or use a campus computer in an unoccupied lab open for this purpose. Many campuses sell leading software at discounts to students, so ask about available programs at the bookstore or computer services.

6.     Campus library. Whether you are looking for books and videos to work on a class assignment or simply want some free entertainment, your campus library offers not only its own collection of materials, but can order items from around the country through interlibrary loan. Library assistants can help you find and use reference works, primary materials, and obscure texts or documents.

7.     Writing development. Since writing is the main way students demonstrate learning in any college class (through reports, research papers, and essay exams), you may want to join a New Mexico universities' writers’ club or attend workshops that teach advanced writing or creative writing. Most employers are looking to hire graduates with strong communication skills, including writing, so getting published in the college literary magazine or student newspaper will look great on your resume.

8.     Student clubs and organizations. Joining a student organization linked to your hobbies provides the opportunity to meet other students with similar interests and enhance your skills. There are often clubs for activities like chess, skiing, hiking, politics, and religious affiliations, as well as international student groups, and many other topics at New Mexico universities. You can develop maybe even take a leadership role by getting involved.

9.     Career preparation and guidance. Before graduating, sign up for free business etiquette seminars or local civic events sponsored by the college to give you a taste of the professional life.

10.    Job placement services. After graduation, if not before, register with the campus placement office where you can view job postings and learn more  about your chosen career field.

Opportunities like these are waiting to be discovered on campus. Find out how college life can get even better by checking out these exciting services as a student.


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