Top 5 underrated vacation spots in Illinois

Illinois is easily one of the most interesting states in America but it seems like there are certain tourist spots that people tend to overlook. Though the Skydeck and the city of Chicago will be the main attractions, you can still enjoy the city without having to spend a fortune. If you are looking to really enjoy your stay, you must look at the various hotels like a Danville hotel to really enjoy the various spots. Here is a list of the top 5 underrated vacation spots in Illinois. 

The Museum Of Science And Industry

This museum might even take two days to really see everything that it has to offer. The museum is perfect for kids and adults who might not be able to enjoy the outdoors because of the weather. The Windy City certainly has times of the year where you must be indoors and this is certainly the best place to be during those months. With over 35,000 artifacts and more than 14 acres of exhibits, it is a surprise that this place does not get more attention.

The Buckingham Fountain

This is one of the most overlooked places but it seems like the locals have no idea why. The fountain is very relaxing and should be the main place to go during the summer months. This is a relaxing and romantic spot for people of all ages.
Rialto Square Theatre 

Any seat in this theatre will give you an incredible experience. The tickets might be a little pricey but you will definitely enjoy what you will pay for. The drinks however are fairly affordable and you don't have to worry about that.

Taste Of Chicago

This is the spot to go to if you are looking to have some amazing food. The fireworks display on the Fourth of July is also very entertaining and you will definitely enjoy this.  With food from all over the world, you will certainly feel at home.

Anderson Japanese Gardens 

The gardens are certainly worth the cost and the time spent there. You will experience some of the most beautiful views in the state and there are various Japanese cuisines that you can try as well.

These are the top five most underrated places that you will find in Illinois and they are definitely hidden gems. If you happen to be looking for a good hotel in the area, then don't overlook a Springfield hotel or a Bloomington hotel you are in one of those areas. So if you want to enjoy a nice trip, check out these places and hotels!

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