Top 5 ways to find dates in Chicago

Getting out there and meeting someone to date can be hard in Chicago. Fortunately dating websites to speed dating in Chicago are ways to find dates and the following are the top 5 ways to find dates:

*Dating websites: There are many dating websites that you can visit. Some you need to pay for and some you do not. Dating websites can be good because you get matched with people who have the same interests and likes but can be bad because people are not always honest about who they are and what they look like.

*Blind dates: Friends and family can set you up on blind dates where you can meet over a "Chicago slice" and see if you are a match. You can possibly meet the right person by being set up with the people that know you best and live happily ever after, the downfall to this is that your friends and family have probably not dated either party and you do not really know someone until you are on an intimate level with them.

*Go out to places where you can meet people: Chicago has amazing clubs where you can meet new people but the point is that you need to get out there and look. This also means that you have to be ready for rejection because not every attractive person you see sitting across the way is going to say "sure" when you ask them out.

*Host a "white elephant" party for friends and family that live in Chicago: You are probably not the only person who single out of your friends and by hosting an event like this you can have each person that you invite bring 2-5 single friends of theirs and this way you have a whole room of single people that have at least a mutual acquaintance with you.

*Speed Dating in Chicago: This is the new trend and perfect for people who want to find out if they have a match in someone without all of the awkward moments where they run out of things to say to each other. Generally speed dating gives each person 5-8 minutes to talk, a bell rings and a new person sits down. At the end of the night each person turns in the people they may be interested in and if any of the people they chose, chose them, then they know they have common ground and can start dating from there.
Whether you are set up by a friend or try speed dating, Chicago is a beautiful place to fall in love.  


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