What can you do with a hotel management degree?

Earning a hotel management degree can open doors to many career opportunities for prospective students. Though many students may question if pursuing a degree in hotel management is too limiting, the truth is that there are many more options out there for graduates with this set of skills and knowledge. 

Hotel management means operating all major functions of a hotel or motel to ensure optimum business performance. In earning a hotel management degree, students will learn how to ensure customer satisfaction, how to demonstrate exemplary leadership skills, how to budget and make financial decisions for the business and how to maintain the facility. 

But a degree in hotel management does not limit employment options to a supervisory role in a hotel or motel alone. Studying hotel management prepares students for potential career opportunities in restaurant management, retail management, banquet catering, corporate event planning, historical attractions and other various options in tourism, lodging and hospitality. 

When considering a college career and pursuing a degree in hotel management, it’s best to look ahead to the future. While studying the basics of hotel management, the typical roster would surely include classes on marketing, business, finance and hospitality; there are also other academic options to consider. To better prepare for the working world, a hotel management degree can be supplemented with minor accreditation in communications, public relations, marketing or advertising. With an advanced set of skills provided by any of these additional college courses, future job applicants will find a brighter career path in their future. They will have a better working knowledge of both the needs of hotel and hospitality operations and a broader insight of the mechanics behind creating and selling a business to customers and clients. This will give students a competitive edge in their future career options. 

Job applicants with a degree in hotel management can earn competitive salaries, which fluctuates depending on location, the demands of the business and the level of experience. Possessing a degree in hospitality or hotel management means earning a level of supervisory skills and decision-making that are in high-demand when it comes to any employer. 

While some low-paying hotel or motel facilities could possibly consider a high school graduate for a managerial position, the probability for future career success is considerably low. Earning an Associates or Bachelor’s level of a hotel management degree makes a candidate more desirable for the job and apt to earning a higher salary with an opportunity for further advancement in the field. 

For students interested in a career with a focus on customer service, earning a hotel management degree is highly beneficial. Of course, attaining this degree would mean a large part of academic studies specifically in the business and finance field. But customer service skills and good judgment on what customers need and want during their stay at the hotel or facility comes with experience and on-the-job training. Students will take what knowledge of business, marketing, advertising, lodging operations, food preparatory skills and all other academic details of a hotel management degree and apply that knowledge to each and every situation during their typical workday. Exercising a hotel management degree means problem-solving and quick-thinking, abilities that prove useful in any career choice. 

From hotels, food and lodging locales, tourist attractions, event and banquet planning, to available leadership positions in casinos, spas, historical attractions and cruise ships, there are many career paths open to graduates with a hotel management degree. Finance, business, marketing, food services, public relations are just a few of the academic courses encountered in earning a hotel management degree. And the opportunities for future success are endless. 

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