What Types of Support Services Can I Get Through Matrix?

There are several ways to get support for your products and/or protection plan with Matrix.  It’s easy to get help 24/7 and have all your questions answered, f rom those on the product plan itself to billing information. You can select whichever method you’d like to contact us.


The old fashioned way is to give us a call.  We have a toll-free number where we can be reached.  When you call, you can rest assured you will be in contact with a friendly and professional customer service rep who wants to give you the best in customer satisfaction. When you call, it helps to have a few things available to make the conversation go smoother.  If you are enrolling for example, it helps to have your credit card information already available.  If you are calling about adding new products,  you should have all the pertinent information about the product available that you need to register it and add it to your plan.  If there is confusion about the service agreement, have it pulled up on your computer. Taking these steps ensures we can give you the best possible customer service as quickly as possible, getting your products protected, covered, or repaired as soon as possible.

Submit a Ticket

Just like many technical issues, one of the quickest ways to resolve the issue it to submit a trouble ticket.  This can be done online at our website, much like submitting a ticket to an IT department when you have an issue with your service.  Submitting a ticket is a great way to get the problem solved if the issue is not immediate and can wait a few hours or a day or two.  If the matter is more urgent, you can always give us a call to talk to someone directly. The ticket will ask for basic information about your problem.  Once we receive this information, we will work as quickly as possible to get a resolution for you. You can conveniently check the status of your ticket the same place you submitted it online. To check a ticket or submit one, simply login in with your customer information and give as much detail about the problem as possible.  Come back and check as often as you’d like on the status of your issue.

FAQ Page

If you have a question about something, chances are there is someone else who has the same or similar question. One great way to find an answer to some of the most commonly asked questions is through the FAQ page.  It lists many of the most frequent questions that come up from customers or have been asked by customers in the past.  There are several articles in the FAQ bank currently, each with a detailed question and detailed answer on how to solve a customer service problem you may have. Many of these questions are related to coverage and the Matrix Service Plan.

Search Box

Finally, if you are looking for a specific answer to a question, try typing in the subject in the search box on the Help page.  You will be taken to a list of links containing possible information on the topic you’ve chosen.  Try to be as specific as possible with your search. It’s likely you’ll find an article on the topic you’re looking to explore.  All articles retrieved from the search box and the FAQ are timely.  You’ll find a date the article was last updated under the heading or link.  This way you’ll ensure you’re educating yourself with the most current information about our services and plans.

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