When Privileged Identity Management is Not Enough

Lots have been said about the importance of introducing privileged identity management software in business organizations. It is almost the only way they have to make sure that there are no unscrupulous individuals trying to gain access to their sensitive and private information.

Business organizations nowadays have such a close relationship with computers, computer systems and networks that a significant part of their productivity lies in their ability to access documents and files and software programs installed in their IT systems and in their ability to share important information almost instantly with branches and clients situated even overseas. In addition, as a result of innovative HR policies that encourage a balance between personal life and career, there are an increasing number of companies that have implemented work at home HR policies which imply that there are workers accessing the sensitive information of the company from their homes, cyber cafés or even an airport or train station.

Privileged identity management software enables IT managers help business owners and managers protect their company’s sensitive information. IT managers can use this highly sophisticated software program to determine different clearance levels without the system in order to determine which selected group of employees has access to the system as a whole, and who have access to only a part of it. Privileged identity management can be easily customized to meet the demands of business managers and to even limit plain employees from accessing ordinary files as a whole; in this sense, it is even possible with this software to determine which virtual folders can be accessed by which staff members.

However, no matter how trustworthy your IT staff is and how professionally they work, there are still chances in which your privileged access management software can fail at keeping your company’s information safe from intruders.

It is then of utmost importance to exercise an ultra vigilant attitude and to educate the different staff members of your organization so that everybody knows what attitudes put them at risk.

For instance it is a good idea to organize a meeting with your employees and the IT staff and explain to them that they should make it a habit to log off from their session in their computer every time they leave their office. Remind them that it does not matter if they are just going to the kitchen to make themselves some tea or if they go to the toilet or even if they are taking some time off for lunch. They should log off their session as anybody in the premises can make use of their user and password and modify files, delete information, copy documents and so on.


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