Window Design Brings Class To Your Casa

Your home decor isn't complete without window treatments.  A bland window void of any design conveys a cold, uninviting setting.  The proper window treatment can make all the difference in how warm and welcoming the rooms in your home appear.  Learning about the various window treatments available will allow you to make the right choices for each room to accentuate your home decor.  Soon you will find that the possibilities are endless to the variety of treatments you can customize to suite your needs and bring class into your home.  Here are a few window treatment options that can bring the windows in your home to life.

  • Blinds- Blinds are made up of rows of slats adjusted by a rope pulley to control the amount of light let into a room.  Although mini blinds are the more popular, standard choice of blinds, there are many other types that carry a more decorative value such as wooden and vertical blinds.  If you choose to use blinds for a window treatment, you can add curtains or valances to accentuate the look of the window. 
  • Shades- Shades fit into your window frame to block out or let in light.  Shades can be made from a variety of materials ranging from fabrics to plastic or even bamboo.  There a many different types of shades to choose from including pleated, roller, and Roman shades.  Although basic shades are best used in a casual setting, Roman shades can be used to convey a look of grandeur in that a rope is pulled to gather the material into a tiered arrangement.  If you don't want a rope to control your shades, you can opt for cordless or even motorized shades. 
  • Plantation Shutters-  Plantation shutters consists of thick slats that are mounted in a solid frame and are manipulated by a rod to open and close.  Plantation shutters provide the timeless look of elegance in your home.  Choosing to install plantation shutters is an inexpensive way to increase the value of your home.  Plantation shutters are also a better choice to help insulate your windows.  You can choose from faux wood, real wood, or composite materials for your plantation shutters.  Custom shutters can give you the choice to leave some slats open and others closed.  This is a great feature for bathrooms for privacy purposes. 

Although shopping for window treatments may seem overwhelming, choose what will work best for your budget, family, and decor.  Whether you are purchasing new window treatments for a new space or upgrading, take your time and do your research.

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